My family and I have done quite fascinating things, but snorkeling was the milestone I would never forget.

Swarms of fish swam under me. I listened to my heavy breathing.

Earlier that day…. It was a comfortably warm and windy day in Honolulu, Hawaii. My family and I were on the road to Hanauma Bay. (A snorkeling place). It was a bumpy ride and my brother drifted of to dream land. I drowsily stared outside the car at trees and bushes. My eyelids fluttered. The bumpy, gravel, ride eventually rocked me to sleep.

I yawned and stared outside. Suddenly, it hit me like a cat pouncing on a ball of yarn. Were were at Hanauma Bay. I felt like I was a ticking time bomb and I was going to explode from excitement any second. My hand practically flew to my seat belt and I jumped out of my seat almost hitting my head on the ceiling. Jittery with anticipation, I knew I had waited a long time for this. As I round the car with skips in each step, I patiently waited for my mom to open the trunk so we could get our beach essentials.

As me and my family marched down to the beach, me leading, we were all eager to start snorkeling. People glanced at us as we marched down the hill with hops in each step.

“Thank you” my mom said. The renting person handed me, my brother, and my mom a handful of snorkeling supplies. My dad didn’t know how to swim so he would sit on our beach towel and do whatever he wanted.

As I neared the sand, my flip-flops kicked up dust and sand but I couldn’t care less. The palm trees danced in the wind and the sun reflected off the water. I looked out in the distance as the soft, gentle, wind blew against my face. The surroundings were unfamiliar as I looked around.

The millisecond I put on my snorkeling stuff, I could taste the saltiness through my breath and I immediately felt the urge to take the mask off as well as the breathing mouthpiece. As I walked in my flippers, careful not to stumble, I felt like a duck. Because it was my first time snorkeling, I carried a huge, neon pink swim ring, just for safety.

I got to the edge of the water safely and the baby waves rushed at my duck feet. I was so excited. The second the freezing water touched my bare skin, my arms formed goosebumps and I shivered from my spine.

I glanced back to make sure my mom and my brother were catching up to me. I started growing impatient so I yelled, “Come on!” That got them walking faster.

I put on my goggles and then layered my body into the chilly water.

The sight was UMBELIEVABLE  until now. There were corals all different shapes and sizes and swarms of fish that made my eyes blind at the very sight of them. The soft ripples pushed against my body but I ignored them, kicked my flipper feet and a sudden surge of power pushed my light body swiftly forward.

I swam around for a while until I was so utterly amazed by the sights. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. It was huge. It was colorful. I turned a 90 degree angle and faced the huge, colorful, thing. What I saw is something I can’t even describe. My heart stopped beating. My brain stopped sending messages to my body. What I saw a was a 12 inch by 12 inch fish. But the size wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye. My eye was froze onto the rainbow colored scales. I swear I saw the fish look at me for a moment. For a split second, I relaxed. I blinked. I was sure the fish winked at me. I started to kick forward through the heavily, sustained, weighted water but the fish knew it was like the fish only wanted me to see it.

I lifted my head out of the water and I spitted out the mouthpiece with a powerful force. Images of the fish were processing in my mind. I looked around hopeful for any sight of a bright, colorful fish. Nothing. Slouching, I dragged my feet that felt like stones back to our beach towel. I slumped down onto the beach towel sending a sudden “poof” of sand like someone hair drying their hair. The image of the fish cane into my brain all of a sudden  but then came out my ear. Suddenly, I was anxious to tell my family about the fish. I looked around then spotted my mom. Kicking up sand, I jogged up to my mom.

“And it had rainbow colored scales….” I was telling my mom about the fish and I could see her eyes widen when I said rainbow colored scales.

“Wow” my mom said. I beamed and my mood was turned from upside down to right side up. My heart soared as I put on. my snorkeling stuff once again. I waddled to the water and went in with no hesitation.

“Time to go!” my mom called.

“How long have we been here?”  I asked.

“3 hours” she answered.

“Whaaaaat!!!!????!?” I couldn’t believe it. It felt like 10 minutes. Slowly, I dragged my body to our beach towel my mind saying “Noooooo! Let’s stay!” But the rest of my body saying “Let’s obey mom.”

After all our stuff was packed up, we started walking up again, I took one last look at the glittering waters of Hanauma Bay, tucked the image away in the memory part of my brain, and started walking up the hill slow as a sloth. As we rounded thew corner, trees blocked the beach of Hanauma Bay. Now, I have gone snorkeling for multiple times and I still remember the rainbow scaled fish I saw the first time I went snorkeling. Snorkeling was the experience I would never forget.


The legend of the (actual) Easter egg bunny

In a far, far away dimension, there lived a family. There was a  mom named Kate, a dad named Ethan, and a girl named Riley. Easter was just around the corner and there were decorations everywhere you looked in their neighborhood. Now, forever, Riley had hoped something special or at least something exciting would happen in her normal, old, boring neighborhood.

Easter day

“Wake up!” It was Easter day and Riley had gotten up extra early just in case something special or exciting would happen. She ran back to her room but then jerked to a sudden stop, something was on her bed. It looked like a cross between a sphere and a 3-d oval. Something wasn’t right. Riley had only been gone for like a minute and someone of something had gotten into the house, put something mysterious on her bed, and doing all of that without making peep! As curiousity took over her body, her legs walked slowly towards the mysterious “thing” Riley then saw something was taped on it. It read:

Dear Riley, we need your help to find the Easter egg bunny, he is missing.

Riley froze dead in the spot. She had heard about the Easter egg bunny in myths before but not in real life. Though, Riley was good at solving cases. Beside her, there was a sudden glimmer of sparkles which then, “poof!” turned into a little white bunny with a egg in it’s hand.


“Shhhhhhh” the bunny said.  Riley bit her lip trying really very hard not to scream.

“Who are you?” She whispered coming to her senses.

“I’m the Easter egg bunny”

“Wait, the note said you were missing though”

I know, I saw blurriness and then I popped up outside of this house” Somehow, Riley didn’t believe the bunny was telling the truth.  But she shrugged off the thought.

“So…. how are you gonna go back to your “earth”?

“I forgot the name of my land, though you can help me” The bunny said it in such a way it seemed like he had rehearsed the line.

“Is it called cotten candy land or bunny land?” Riley asked with a smirk. She wasn’t going to let her guard down, her instincts told her there was something wrong with this bunny.

A few hours later, the Easter bunny and Riley were on an adventure to find the bunny’s home.  When suddenly, out of nowhere, came a creature that looked like the cutest bunny.  The Easter bunny shrank away and trembled but Riley stood up straighter and had fallen in love with the bunny.

“Awwwwwww, aren’t you the cutest thing ever” Riley gushed.

” Hiyah!” the cute little bunny suddenly pulled out two ninjachucks that he swang all around clearly having no sense of what he was doing.

“Woah” Riley was taken back by the cute little bunny.

“You are under arrest” the bunny said to the Easter  bunny. Quick as a wink, the bunny grabbed a pair of handcuffs and clipped them around the Easter bunny. As the Easter bunny squirmed and struggled, Riley could see the Easter bunny had done something wrong because he wasn’t trying to defend his self.

With a sudden jerk of his paw, the Easter bunny was dragged away by the little bunny who somehow thought of himself as a police officer.  Riley turned her shoulders suspecting that was all there was to an exciting day. Boy, was she wrong.

When she got back home, something caught the corner of her eye, a weird “thing.” It was a brown piece of paper that said:

“Dear Riley, we need your help to find the leprechaun, he is missing.”

Riley went to her room, and there he was, the leprechaun sitting on her bed.



The effects of the evil stew

In a far, faraway city, there lived a family of 3 people. A girl named Victoria,  a mom named Michelle, and a father named Nate.

One night, for dinner, Michelle was making stew. Nate suddenly ran in yelling: ” There’s an ant in the house! There’s  an ant in the house!” Michelle, who had been cooking, turned her head around with the slightest jerk. The stew, was boiling up on the fire, and Nate ran around the room when Victoria walked in and accidentally knocked Nate butt first into the stew.

“HOT!HOT!” Nate screamed jumping out of the pot.

Michelle just stood there. “Why do I smell barbeque?” she asked.

“Because of my boiling hot butt!” Nate screamed on top of his lungs. Michelle jumped into action. She grabbed the wrong pot (the one with the stew in it)

“Don’t- but it was too late, Michelle dumped the over cooked pot of stew on Nate’s butt.

“What did you do that for?! Nate shrieked! Michelle’s face turned bright tomato red. Victoria stood there stunned then she jumped into action. She ran across the kitchen to the stew and tried to stop right before she ran into the pile of stew but instead, she skidded to a stop and her whole body slammed face down into the stew. Victoria shot out of the stew and squeaked: “Hot” and fainted. Michelle skidded to her daughter but slipped and fell into the stew just like Victoria.

“Well good thing we didn’t die” Michelle whispered in the hospital room. It was a few hours later that the incident had happened.

“That stew sure is evil to have all of us in this hospital now” Victoria said. And they all agreed.

It was three days later and they were all back home. Michelle was cooking porridge when Nate walked in. Then Victoria walked in and asked: “Why do I smell barbeque?”

The Hidden Treasure

In a faraway village, there lived a poor mother and father who were going to have a baby twins. The clock ticked, and ticked, until it was time.

Out came two beautiful young baby twins who had big bright blue eyes.

It was the tenth year the babies existed in the world. Also it was their tenth birthday. They were more excited than ever! Their dad had died from a high fever and their mother was very weak, but she didn’t want to ruin the twins birthday party!

Ding Dong! the doorbell rang, the first guest was here. The twins ran to the door as quickly as they could. The guest was their grandpa! In his hand was a huge square wrapped in a happy birthday wrapping.

“Here you go girls” He handed the present over to them and then told them to come closer.

“Listen girls, discover the treasure and live a dream home.” Their grandpa whispered to them and then winked. He walked swiftly in to their house ready to greet his family members.

“The girls were sure that what their grandpa said was just a joke.” So their minds wandered off to the guests.

There were over twenty guests by the time it was time to open their presents. Each of them had a pile of their own that were overloaded. The twins ripped and unwrapped as many presents as they could in a handful of minutes.

The first present that one of them unwrapped was a sour patch gum. The other twins first present was a beautiful barbie doll. It took the twins about ten minutes to open the presents.

“Were done opening presents” the twins said to their guests.

“Not so fast” someone said in the crowd and he walked forward and handed them the large square wrapped up in the birthday party wrapping. It was their grandpa! The twins thought that they must have forgotten to to take it to their birthday present piles.

He handed the huge square present to them urging like. So the twins opened the present together and inside was something like heaven to their eyes. It was a beautiful picture of horses, trees, bushes, and nature kind of stuff.

“Thank you so much” the twins said in unison taken back by how their grandfather had gave them their birthday present. With that done, their grandfather said nothing but had a frown on his face that gave it away that he was either sad or mad. A few hours later, all the birthday party guests were gone and the twins were cleaning up their living room. They really did love their presents. So after, they went to their rooms to play with their toys.

But one of the twins grabbed the painting at the same time the other twin grabbed it so they pulled and pulled until…..

“BOOM!” the entire painting ripped and inside were a treasure map. The twins gasped loud enough for their mother to hear in their living room.

“What is the pro-” the twins mom mouth was wide open and she didn’t finish her sentence. She didn’t have to, it was too obvious.

“What is that?” explained the twin’s mom.

“We don’t know” the twins answered with a startled face. The twins shared a smile. If there was a treasure map, they would follow it until they got to the treasure.

“Um, we are going to go outside” one of the twins said.

“Okay” their mom answered as a reply. After their mom had left,  the twins grabbed the treasure map and hurried outside very excited. Once they got outside, the map said that they had to turn left, than right, go forward for five yards, and than their treasure would be right there. So that was what they did.

When they got to the x, they hurridly dug until they hit something hard. They took it out together. It was a gold chest. One of the twin opened the latch and than inside were jewels, coins, and any sparkly stuff you could ever dream of. The twins stared at it in awe and astonishment their eyes wide. First, they carried it back to their mother where she hesitated and her jaw dropped so low it almost touched the ground!

“Where did you get this?” their mother asked with excitement.

The twins looked at each other and shrugged. They were going to keep that a secret.

The next day, they went to sell the gold and came back with billions of dollars.

“What should we do with our money?” Their mother asked.

“Buy a dream house” the twins said at the same time. And that was what they did. Also following what their grandpa had said. The twins and their mother were never poor again.

Why I Like The Book Save Me A Seat

The book Save Me A Seat is very, very hard to put down. The author puts lots of metephors and makes the book very exciting. It is about two boys that both don’t like school. Their names are Ravi and Joe. Joe has Auditory Processing Disorder. Ravi, just transfered from India to America. They both have to go to the counseler for help. Joe likes the counseler but Ravi does not. They both have the same enemy: Dillon Samreens. At the end of the book, they both figure out a way by their selves to make Dillon Samreens feel bad about himself.

My favorite part of the story is when Ravi, has fun telling the class a story about his religion and they all are very intrested, but when some girl in his class throws up, she ruins his time to let the class know that he is one of the popular guys.

After each page, my mind would always predict what would happen next. The main idea of this story is that don’t judge people by their religion and treat kids the way that you would want to be treated. If I had to rate this book out of one to ten, I would pick ten. It has become my favorite book I have read in my entire life. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Check out the book now!



The Edible Universe

There once lived a girl named Mimi. Nothing in her life had ever been the opposite of ordinary.

It was late afternoon and Mimi was tired, but then right when Mimi was about to slam herself onto her bed, there was a huge boom. The next thing she knew, she was transferred to a different universe.

Mimi woke up with a curious and frightened feeling. Curiousity taking over Mimi’s body, she got up and walked as slowly as a turtle with a injured leg. Everything looked exactly the same including her house so Mimi made up her mind of the boom being her imagination and started running faster than a cheetah to her door into her house. Though, she was feeling a little frightened, she loved adventures. Right when Mimi got to the door, there was a note that was taped on it. This was what it said:

Whoever is reading this might not believe this but anyways,  this universe is magical. By magical I mean edible. Everything is edible. If you don’t believe me. eat a pillow, a clock, or chair, they will not be stuffed with stuffing, believe me! and the clock and chair are not wood. They are edible. Give it a try!

Mimi stopped for a moment and thought letting all the imformation  process into her brain. Her heart started beating faster. Than, she put her hand on the door nob. She stopped for a second. Her stomach had kangaroos jumping around like a mad scientist getting even madder until he exploded. Though, Mimi knew there was no such thing as a “edible universe” she thought:

“Maybe what the note says is true” But she ignored the thought and opened the door. She wasn’t taking any chances missing out on a incredible adventure though, so she got a pillow and put it close to her mouth. Very slowly, she inched it closer and closer until one of the corners was fully in her mouth. She held it in her mouth for a second, and then she bit it.

The pillow tasted like heaven. The note was correct! The pillow was edible. Now she took a chair, and a clock and bit a teeny tiny bite and those were even more delicous than the pillow. After a couple of hours of expeirementing, she was tired, and she wanted to go back to her real universe. She got the note from outside and turned it over. There it was, a way to get back home.

“Score!” Mimi thought. The note said:

After you are done with this edible universe, you might be tired of it. The way to get back home is to clap three times and say: “Home! Home! Earthy green! bring me back to non-edible universe!”

That was all that was on the back of the note.  So Mimi clapped three times and said the words.

“BOOM!” there was another boom and Mimi was back to her own universe. The non edible one.

“Home sweet home” thought Mimi. But now, something the opposite of ordinary had happened and it was something that Mimi would never ever forget.




What I would do if I had a million dollars



The first thing that I would do is will, obviously think of what I would want, then, after I would write it on a piece of paper. My piece of paper or list of dream stuff would have these things. There are lots and lots of things:

Every kind of gum, sour patch, lots and lots of sparkly nail polish, Swedish fish, all of my favorite kinds of food, every single ice cream flavor besides the ones that I don’t like, lots of cake, a tub of instant noodle soup (Also known as cup o noodles), a lifetime support of potato chips, different colors of pretty lip gloss, all the dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, and all clothing, a huge cookie, nerds, cheese puffs, Doritos, gummy worms, gummy bears, a very big lollipop, my own swimming pool and a hot tub that are in my backyard, makeup, my favorite sodas, pink lemonade, the most delicious and splendid cupcakes, my own beach, squishies, all of the things and toys that I would want, a privite jet, and finally a hamster and a dog. What do you think? Was that a long list? Some of those things may have been worth a million dollars not all of them together so maybe I over exaggerated just a tiny bit. Let’s just say some of those would be my never come true dreams. I’ll just dream on! So should you! How long would your list be if you had a million dollars?

Angelica and Abby the elves

Angelica And Abby The Elves


Once upon a time, there lived a family of 50 elves. Now, out of the fifty elves, there were only two children. Those two children were treated horribly by their parents. They had to do all of the work in their family’s hideout tunnel. They were only six years old! The twins were named Angelica and Abby. They wore shaggy dresses that were ripped and torn. Their hair were left uncleaned and piled with all kinds of bugs and dirt.


It came to this day that little did the sisters know that miracles would happen through their lives. Soon enough.


“Hurry up you little pests!” shrieked the twins mother. She was going out to the jewelry shop and was putting on a dress. The twins were forced to help her tie the laces in the back.


Angelica and Abby were giving very little to eat, just a piece of bread everyday. If they didn’t finish chores, no meals were given.


When their mother and other members of the family left, the twins were starving. They had sometimes managed to get an extra piece of bread while their family had gone. Today was one of those days.


The next sunny day, the twins had gone outside of their family’s hideout tunnel to weed the garden. They knew nothing about a witch spying on them. When they were done, their necks were sunburned. They were as red as tomatoes! The twins then walked home gloomily.



“What was that?” asked Abby.

“I don’t know!” cried Abby. But they did not know the wicked witch was following them. The twins ignored the clicking sound and kept walking. They got back to their hideout tunnel swiftly with fear.

Angelica and Abby opened the door, when…..

“BAM!” a bomb exploded in their hideout tunnel. The twins ducked down.

When the twins looked, it was so quiet you could hear a water drop. Everybody in their family had been turned into stone.


“What happened?” Abby wondered aloud.

“They got turned into stone!” said a raspy cruel voice. The twins jumped, behind them was a real, live, witch.

“Who are you?” asked the twins curiously.

“The stone witch” the stone witch replied proudly. At that moment, a swirl of magic mist appeared and inside was a wizard.

“How do you do?” asked the wizard to the stone witch.

“Whoosh” the witch sent a blast of who knows what. The wizard narrowly dodgd it. Angelica and Abby didn’t dare move a muscle. They were terrified.

The wizard shot ice at the witch and turned her into an ice statue.


“Here” the wizard gave a wand to each of the twins.


“Help me fight her.”

“Okay” the twins answered in unison. They grabbed the wands and held on with a tough grip.


The witch was unfrozen, and the fight began. Angelica shot a blast of fire and water together.

“Let’s shoot our most powerful all together!” the wizard yelled to the twins.

“On the count of three, one, two, three!” the twins and the wizard shot the powers. The witch was starting to break down. Piece by piece, the witch broke down until there was nothing but her witch clothes. She had died.


The twins and the wizard stood there for a few moments.

“That was awesome!” the twins explained in excitement, they turned to look at the wizard but no one was there. Just a piece of paper. Abby picked it up and read it out loud, it said:

Dear Angelica and Abby,

Those two wands are for you guys. If your family keeps treating you horribly, tap the wand three wands and a curse will be with them.


Sincerely, your wizard.

There was a long silence.

“Well, I suppose we should turn our family back to normal” Abby said.

“True” Angelica said. And with a wave of their two wand, their family had turned back to their normal shape. They had seen everything. Angelica and Abby’s mother and father stepped up and said:

“Angelica and Abby, we are really sorry about how we treated you before” they said.

“It’s okay” the twins said. They were all happy at last and neither the wizard nor the witch were ever seen again. The twins and their family lived happily ever after.



The end


The Legend Of The Gummy Bears

The Legend of The Gummy Bears


It all started when a young little girl named Daisy went for a walk with her dog. She was a normal everyday girl anyone could be.  One day, she came back home and almost tripped over a package when a boy came out of no where and reached out for her arm. Thankfully, he caught her.

Thank You” she said. The boy didn’t say a thing but just turned his back and walked away.

“Will that is rude!” Daisy thought in her mind. Though, she was curious of what was in the package. She quickly opened it and saw that a note was in it too.  It was dusty and old.

“The legend of the gummy bears” it said.

“Oh! What a joke!” she said and laughed.

This was what it said:

Who ever is reading this will get scared so be careful. These gummy bears have a legend behind them. It is that if you eat one, you will have magical powers. They are that every single thing you touch, will turn into gummy bears but in the shape. Now, if you dare, eat the gummy bears at your own risk.

Be extra careful because everything will turn into gummy bears


“I’m just going to eat them “ Daisy said. She opened the pack of gummy bears and popped one in her mouth as quick as a jiffy.

“These are awesome” she thought. Daisy ate more and more until the rest were gone. She did not believe the legend but little did she know that it was real. First, she opened the door when it suddenly felt squishy between her fingers. She looked down it had changed colors to a pink and blue color. Daisy licked it. Tasted like gummy bears. Smelled like gummy bears. And looked like a gummy bear. There was no doubt now, the legend was real.

Daisy panicked. She called her doctor and then picked up her  phone and searched, the legend of the gummy bears.

It said, “Legend has it that the gummy bears will give you magical powers —

“So it is true!” explained Daisy. One minute later, her doctor called.

“No need for that,” Daisy said and hung up the line. She went back to reading the legend. At the bottom, she read “The Cure” it said:

If you have ate the gummy bears, you will need this cure: A strand of Unicorn hair

“Unicorn hair?” Daisy asked herself in frustration. Her phone was turning different colors now. It was turning into a gummy bear. Daisy quickly threw it down and left it on the floor. She kept thinking of where to find unicorn hair and then at last, she thought of an idea. She would go to a meadow that was named fairy’s meadow. Everyone believed it had magical creatures living in the meadow. Tomorrow, she would begin her journey to find the cure. She dared not touch herself because of risk of becoming a gummy bear herself.

The next morning, Daisy woke up bright and early, ate breakfast, took a shower, brushed her teeth, and changed into explorer clothes. The walk was only a good 10 minutes so Daisy rode her bike there. She had also brought a Ziploc bag and a pair of gloves. Daisy looked at the time. It was 7:30. When she got there, she put on her gloves, put her bike leaning on a wall, and then felt squishy stuff between her fingers. It was frustrating and annoying-Her gloves had turned into a gummy bear and so had her bike.

Daisy began her lookout of a strand of unicorn hair after she had gotten over her anger. She walked along to trail and then saw a good place to leave the trail. Once she had left the trail and had started walking, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It had blond hair that glistened in the sun. It also had a furry white body with a tail. It was a unicorn. Daisy was fascinated. It was beautiful like a princess.

“Here I come unicorn” Daisy yelled and ran towards it. Then, when Daisy looked up again, the unicorn was gone! Daisy crossed her fingers and looked toward the ground. There it was. A lock of blond hair. This was the cure. Daisy reached down toward it and curled her fingers around it. Her super power was gone. She never got the gummy bears again until there was another package on her porch. She opened it and there were donuts. There was also a dusty letter with it.


The end




The unusual monkey

The unusual monkey





One day, a zoo was built and finished. The animals would arrive in a truck later in the afternoon. When the truck came, a volunteer who loved animals was there to get the animals. The volunteer came outside just in time to see the truck arrive, after the truck stopped, the volunteer heard a “thump, thump”. The volunteer was curious of the sound and opened up the back of the trunk. There, she was surprised by a little monkey that was about medium sized and jump on her. The monkey wrapped his arms around the volunteer tightly. Then, the monkey let go, dropped to the ground and started sleeping. “This is an unusual monkey” said the volunteer. After the monkey went to sleep, the volunteer unloaded the other animals and put them in their cages. The monkey however did not want to be in the cage so the monkey just ran around the cage on the outside lots of times. When the volunteer got tired and stopped running, the monkey kept on running like it had never run before. The volunteer was very shocked with the medium sized monkey. When it was night time, the volunteer turned off the lights and went to bed. 15 minutes later, there was another thump. The volunteer thought that it was the monkey again. So the volunteer went to the monkeys cage and saw that the monkey was gone and the light was open which she had turned off. The volunteer panicked! She ran from place to place trying to find the monkey. When the volunteer finally found the monkey, he was in the bathroom unrolling toilet paper all over the floor! The volunteer held the monkey in her arms and called the vet. The vet came after 10 minutes. When the vet got there, the vet held the monkeys in her arms and said that he had something called activitas. It was a flu and it would wear off in a few days. About three days. The volunteer was relieved and researched on her computer what it meant. It meant that the monkey would always be very very active for those few days and would just not get tired at all. The next day was the same, the monkey just acted as crazy as possible. “The next day will be the last day of the flu” thought the volunteer. Then, the next day was a extremely weird day. It all started in the morning when the monkey all of a sudden jumped onto the volunteer ‘s bed. The volunteer immediately jumped out of her bed and then saw that it was the monkey. She breathed a sigh of relief grabbed the monkey and ran as fast as she could to the monkey’s cage. She would keep a very close eye on him so she could see how the monkey could have gotten away. The volunteer kept a very close on him for the rest of the day. Then, before she knew it, it was the day of the flu that would go away. Then, there was a phone call, it was asking if the volunteer wanted to sell the monkey for 200 dollars. The volunteer of course said yes. The person on the phone was going to come to where the volunteer was to give the 200 dollars, and pick up the monkey. When the person got there, the volunteer was waiting for her. They exchanged the stuff and then told the person that the monkey would probably be a little crazy at her house. When the person left with the monkey and the 200 dollars was given to the volunteer, the volunteer was sooooooooooooooo happy. Or was she?