The huge pizza

The huge PIZZA

One day, it was the weekend. A mom named Sara, her daughter Alison and Alison’s brother went for a walk. Their dad was at work and so the three of them were taking a walk. They were going to make pizza for dinner and have a milkshake after. They were so excited!!!!!!! After the walk, they went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the pizza,and ice cream to make their milkshakes after dinner. After that, they washed their hands and started making the pizza. They made their own pizzas and finished in half an hour. Then, they had to put the pizza in the oven. They waited, and waited,and waited! The pizza was finally done, so they took the hot pizzas out of the oven. After five minutes, their dad got home. He had a idea of making the biggest pizza in the world and sell the pizza. First they took a seat and started thinking who to give the pizza to. Alison thought that they could put all the friends names on a sticky note and put them in a hat, and tomorrow they would pull out a name. The rest of the family thought it was a great idea! Alison and her brother went to get sticky notes to write the names on. Once they were done, their dad was done making his pizza. So they started eating their pizza. They would make the huge pizza early in the morning tomorrow at 7:00. After their yummy dinner of pizza, they had the best dessert ever. Whole cup of a MILK SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was already 10:30. Way past Alison’s and her brothers bedtime. So they went to bed.
The next day, the kids and the adults woke up bright and early. They could not wait to make the huge pizza. They had to go to a grocery store and buy more ingredients for the pizza. They drove to the store quickly, and gathered up the ingredients so that they could make the pizza faster. When they got back to their house, they put all the ingredients on the kitchen counter. They got ready to make the pizza when all of a sudden, Alison shouted “ kill that spider!” and indeed there was a spider on the tomato sauce can. The mom ran into the bathroom and came back in ten seconds. Someone had to go to the grocery store and tell costumer service and buy a new can of tomato sauce. The dad volunteered to go and tell costumer service. Alison was freaked out because of that spider. She had hated spiders when she was little too. When the three of them literally just sat down, their father bursted into the house shouting “I have the tomato sauce for the huge pizza!” The three of them were covering their ears because their dad was too loud for them. Then, the daddy went in the living room and saw the three of them covering their ears. “Sorry” said the dad. Now then , lets get going! And then the four of them bursted into the kitchen getting ready. The mom would be spreading half of the huge huge pizza tomato sauce, and the other half brother would spread. Alison would sprinkle half the pizza cheese and the other half Alison’s dad would sprinkle. They made the pizza extra cheesy. Alison said that there should be half pepperoni and half cheese. So that was what they did. After about a hour, they finished and put the huge huge pizza in the oven. When the pizza smell started coming from the kitchen, the mom took the huge huge pizza out from the oven. It smelled wonderful and especially looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dad went to get the hat with all the names in it and pulled a name out of the hat. The name was Alyssa, and she was Alison’s best friend! Alison was really happy for her best friend. The pizza would be two dollars and ten cents. Alyssa’s family thought it was very cheap and actually wanted it. Their mom was pretty tired from cooking and working but she probably will not have to cook because the huge pizza well feed them up for about a year. That was how big it was. Until, the family finished the pizza at the end of the year.

My ballet experiment


Have you been bored all your life? Have you wanted to try ballet? Ballet is fun whether you make a mistake or not. Either way, you will feel like a really true Ballerina. So get out there and dance, dance, dance ! You will learn about what you need for Ballet, moves, rules, positions, different dances, and what you need to put your hair up in.

Table of contents
1. Stuff you need for Ballet
2. Moves
3. Rules
4. Positions
5. Different dances
6. Hair

Chapter 1
Stuff You Need for Ballet
In ballet you will need to wear a leotard, which can be any color, it depends on your level. The colors could be blue, red, pink, light purple, dark purple, green and black ! That is a lot of colors. Also you will need pink tights that are the right size for you. The last thing that you would need for Ballet is your ballet shoes. The ones with flat points are for bigger girls because they have practiced and that they have more strength in their toes. The ones with no flat’s on the end are for smaller kids because they may  just started dance and did not have as much strength on their toes.

Chapter 2
In Ballet you will learn a lot of moves. For example, Tondu, spring point, and glissade, There are a lot of harder moves when you get to a very high level. You will have to practice and practice and practice. But most of all you have to work hard. A Tondu is when you point your toe and stick it out front, side or back. A spring point is just like a tondo but you jump to switch legs. Lastly, a glissade is when you glide side to side, you start in fifth position and land in fifth position.

Chapter 3
At Ballet, they have rules, like no leaning on bar, be safe, don’t laugh at your classmates and lastly have fun. The most important rule is having fun. You are not there to not have fun, you are there to have the most fun of all. In ballet, you have to work really hard. Especially when you try to learn a new move. Some rules can be hard to follow but most of the rules are very very easy to follow. When you accidentally forget the rules and break one of them, you will not get in trouble.

Chapter 4
There will be some positions in ballet. For examples, first position, second position, third position, forth position and fifth position. First position is when you put both of your heels together and the toes face out. First position is the basic position in ballet. Second position is when you go from first position and make the heels not touching each other. Third position is when you just move one foot and put it in the middle of the other foot. Forth position is the hardest position even though it is the second last position of ballet. What you do in forth position is you put the other foot in the back but straight to the other side. Fifth position is just like third position but one foot goes to the edge of the other foot.

Chapter 5
Different Dances
There can be more dances then just ballet. For example, you could try Jazz, contemporary, hip hop and other dances too. If you want to try jazz, you will need a lot of energy to dance. In contemporary, it is super slow but sometimes the dance may get faster once you try contemporary. When you try hip hop, it is just like Jazz except that you will need more and more energy to dance hip hop. There is lots more dances then just those three.

Chapter 6
When you have ballet lessons, you will have to tie your hair up. For example, you will have to put your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Why you have to tie your hair up is because when you dance, your hair might get in your face and distract you from the dance you are doing. I hope you try ballet and learned a lot from this book.

Why Cupcakes are the best food

In my opinion, I think cupcakes are the best food in the whole wide world  because there are many different flavors you can choose from. For example, Strawberry flavored, Chocolate flavored, Vanilla flavored, Scout mint flavored, Blueberry flavored, Raspberry flavored, Blackberry flavored, and lots more other flavors! Also, why I think cupcakes are the best food is because you can either have the cupcakes to yourself or to your whole family. It is welcome to anyone and you can eat it anywhere. My third reason why I think cupcakes are the best food in the world is because if you are tired of eating cake because it is too big for you, you can have a cupcake. A cupcake is much much much smaller then a huge cake. I hope I convinced you that cupcakes are the best food in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Ice Cream is the Best Dessert Ever

Why Ice Cream is the Best Dessert Ever

I think ice cream is the best dessert because you can eat it when you are very hot and very sweaty. Ice cream is cold so you will feel better when you eat ice cream. Also , why I think ice cream is the best dessert ever is because you can eat it when you are at very special occasions. For example, a birthday party, a wedding, a celebration, or holidays ! My third reason why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because you can make it into stuff. For example, a ice cream cake, ice cream sandwiches, and lots more ! My fourth reason why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because it can be a treat for anyone ! For example, your friends, relatives, and  more other people ! My fifth reason why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because there are a lot of different flavors ! For example, strawberry, chocolate, mint, cherry, blueberry, and lots more flavors. I would recommend the flavor of ice cream, mint. It is really good and tasty. My sixth reason why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because ice cream can be sold anywhere and anytime. For example, there could be ice cream sold at market, a shop, and lots more places to be sold. My seventh reson why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because it could be in three stuff. For example, a cup, a bowl, or a ice cream cone. My eighth reason why I think ice cream is the best dessert is because ice cream is welcome to anyone. I hope I convinced you that ice cream is the best dessert ever !

Best Dolls in the Whole Wide World

  Best Dolls in the Whole Wide World

     I think American girl dolls are the best dolls in the whole wide world because American girl dolls have a lot of different names. For example, Issabelle, Logan, Lea clark, Tenny, and lots lots of other names!

     My second reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because you can choose from many different hair styles! For example, a braid, curly hair, a twist, straight, bald, normal, half up, pony tail, pigtails, a bun and lots of other beautiful hair styles!

     My third reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because you could have your birthday party at the American girl doll store! you could even bring your American girl doll there, also, you could invite your friends, or best friends there!

     My fourth reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because you can buy the same exact clothes as your American girl doll! Then you guys could be twins and show everybody your new outfit!

     My fifth reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because when you order a American girl doll, it comes with a book all about the American girl doll you bought!

     My six reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because your doll can get their ears pierced just like you! you could get the same earring as your American girl doll.

     My seventh reason why I think American girl dolls are better then any other doll in the world is because you two could paint the same colored nail polish and sparkles.

     I hope I convinced you that American girl dolls are the best dolls in the whole wide world!

When I Went to the Park with My Friend

When I Went to the Park with My Friend
One day I went to the park with my best friend named Aubrey. We went down the slide holding hands together, and then we climbed back on the slide. We both knew the same secret. Everybody does not believe in fairy’s but we had seen a lot of them. There was a sparkle, and it caught my eyes when I saw it. I told Aubrey about the sparkle, it got bigger and bigger soon it turned into a fairy! The fairy was wearing a t-shirt that had a mermaid on it, and short pants. Her wings fluttered as the wind blew on. All the fairies had their magic objects, but the fairy was a ocean fairy, so she had a special charm. The fairy explained how their enemy Ryan Rockford had taken their charms. Then the fairy told them her name, her name was Ella. She asked them if they could help the fairy find their charms. Aubrey and I nodded eagerly. It was going to be another magical adventure ! First Ella said they had to go to fairyland with her. We said yes. So with a swirl of her magic wand we went to fairyland. When we got there, Ella said she would show us the the other ocean fairies. Their names were Alice the fish fairy, Katie the surfing fairy and Lizzy the turtle fairy. They all said hi to us. They greeted us with very kind and friendly faces. They took us to the queen and king of fairyland. Their names were Nina and James. They were super duper Nice !! They told us how Ryan Rockford has taken their charms by going over to a little whirl pool. She pointed her wand at the whirl pool and a picture of Ryan Rockford came on. The Fairies had hided their charms under their pillow before going to a fairy test. Once they left, Ryan Rockford blasted in the window. His helpers stole the charms and quickly ran away. Once Ryan Rockford’s helper’s were gone he shouted “ those pesky fairies will never find them !” With one last greedy laugh he ran away. “ That’s terrible! I said.” When the fairies all came back to see if the charms were still there they all were super duper surprised that their charms were gone. The whirl pool then showed where Ryan Rockford’s helpers hid the charms. When the whirl pool showed where one of the helper’s hid one of them I shouted “ I know where that Charm is !” “ Me too !” said Aubrey. “ It is in our neighbors yard !” I said. Lizzy the turtle fairy flew up to us and said that it was her charm. Then what are we waiting for I said, come on let’s go ! Lizzy Swirled her wand around all three of us and we went back to the park. We ran home got a quick snack and drink and then we had to think of a plan. I thought of a plan then told Lizzy and Aubrey about the plan. The plan was to throw a ball into her backyard and knock on her door so we cold get the ball and the turtle charm. We knocked on the door and her mom came out. We said “ could we get out ball we accidentally threw over your back yard?” Our neighbor’s mom said yes but said not to be to loud because the baby was sleeping. So we tiptoed into house. I whispered “look at that sparkly charm!” I whispered! “is that your charm?” yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lizzy whispered! We have to think of another plan to get it. But I think we should get our ball first or else our neighbor’s mom will think we are just walking in her house I whispered “ you are right Aubrey said” so we went in the backyard and picked up the ball.

We went into the house again and went home. When we got home, we thought of another plan, this time it was Lizzy who thought of the plan. Her plan was to bake some cookies and bring some to our neighbors, so we could see our friend and then she will maybe ask us to go to her house and we will be able to get the charm back for Lizzy. We went in the kitchen and asked my mom if we could bake some chocolate chip cookies and give some to our neighbor. She said yes so we baked the cookies. When we were done baking the cookies we gave some to our neighbors. We asked if we could see our friend Alison. Alison’s mom called her downstairs and she ran downstairs just like a race car. She then asked if we could come to their house we said yes so we went inside her house. Her mom said “ thank you for the cookies”. She said we could go play while she ate the cookies we baked. We were really happy. Once we put our hand’s on Lizzy’s charm, Lizzy thanked us for helping her find her charm. She said she could not wait to tell the other fairies that she had had found her charm by the help of me and Aubrey. She thanked us and with a swirl of her fairy dust she was gone.

Hello world!

Dear readers,

I started a blog because I want to share with everybody my writing that I improved since I was little and inspire them to write more and more and add more excitement. I hope you readers out there learn a lot from my stories in my blog. Enjoy!