My ballet experiment


Have you been bored all your life? Have you wanted to try ballet? Ballet is fun whether you make a mistake or not. Either way, you will feel like a really true Ballerina. So get out there and dance, dance, dance ! You will learn about what you need for Ballet, moves, rules, positions, different dances, and what you need to put your hair up in.

Table of contents
1. Stuff you need for Ballet
2. Moves
3. Rules
4. Positions
5. Different dances
6. Hair

Chapter 1
Stuff You Need for Ballet
In ballet you will need to wear a leotard, which can be any color, it depends on your level. The colors could be blue, red, pink, light purple, dark purple, green and black ! That is a lot of colors. Also you will need pink tights that are the right size for you. The last thing that you would need for Ballet is your ballet shoes. The ones with flat points are for bigger girls because they have practiced and that they have more strength in their toes. The ones with no flat’s on the end are for smaller kids because they may  just started dance and did not have as much strength on their toes.

Chapter 2
In Ballet you will learn a lot of moves. For example, Tondu, spring point, and glissade, There are a lot of harder moves when you get to a very high level. You will have to practice and practice and practice. But most of all you have to work hard. A Tondu is when you point your toe and stick it out front, side or back. A spring point is just like a tondo but you jump to switch legs. Lastly, a glissade is when you glide side to side, you start in fifth position and land in fifth position.

Chapter 3
At Ballet, they have rules, like no leaning on bar, be safe, don’t laugh at your classmates and lastly have fun. The most important rule is having fun. You are not there to not have fun, you are there to have the most fun of all. In ballet, you have to work really hard. Especially when you try to learn a new move. Some rules can be hard to follow but most of the rules are very very easy to follow. When you accidentally forget the rules and break one of them, you will not get in trouble.

Chapter 4
There will be some positions in ballet. For examples, first position, second position, third position, forth position and fifth position. First position is when you put both of your heels together and the toes face out. First position is the basic position in ballet. Second position is when you go from first position and make the heels not touching each other. Third position is when you just move one foot and put it in the middle of the other foot. Forth position is the hardest position even though it is the second last position of ballet. What you do in forth position is you put the other foot in the back but straight to the other side. Fifth position is just like third position but one foot goes to the edge of the other foot.

Chapter 5
Different Dances
There can be more dances then just ballet. For example, you could try Jazz, contemporary, hip hop and other dances too. If you want to try jazz, you will need a lot of energy to dance. In contemporary, it is super slow but sometimes the dance may get faster once you try contemporary. When you try hip hop, it is just like Jazz except that you will need more and more energy to dance hip hop. There is lots more dances then just those three.

Chapter 6
When you have ballet lessons, you will have to tie your hair up. For example, you will have to put your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Why you have to tie your hair up is because when you dance, your hair might get in your face and distract you from the dance you are doing. I hope you try ballet and learned a lot from this book.

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