The huge pizza

The huge PIZZA

One day, it was the weekend. A mom named Sara, her daughter Alison and Alison’s brother went for a walk. Their dad was at work and so the three of them were taking a walk. They were going to make pizza for dinner and have a milkshake after. They were so excited!!!!!!! After the walk, they went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the pizza,and ice cream to make their milkshakes after dinner. After that, they washed their hands and started making the pizza. They made their own pizzas and finished in half an hour. Then, they had to put the pizza in the oven. They waited, and waited,and waited! The pizza was finally done, so they took the hot pizzas out of the oven. After five minutes, their dad got home. He had a idea of making the biggest pizza in the world and sell the pizza. First they took a seat and started thinking who to give the pizza to. Alison thought that they could put all the friends names on a sticky note and put them in a hat, and tomorrow they would pull out a name. The rest of the family thought it was a great idea! Alison and her brother went to get sticky notes to write the names on. Once they were done, their dad was done making his pizza. So they started eating their pizza. They would make the huge pizza early in the morning tomorrow at 7:00. After their yummy dinner of pizza, they had the best dessert ever. Whole cup of a MILK SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was already 10:30. Way past Alison’s and her brothers bedtime. So they went to bed.
The next day, the kids and the adults woke up bright and early. They could not wait to make the huge pizza. They had to go to a grocery store and buy more ingredients for the pizza. They drove to the store quickly, and gathered up the ingredients so that they could make the pizza faster. When they got back to their house, they put all the ingredients on the kitchen counter. They got ready to make the pizza when all of a sudden, Alison shouted “ kill that spider!” and indeed there was a spider on the tomato sauce can. The mom ran into the bathroom and came back in ten seconds. Someone had to go to the grocery store and tell costumer service and buy a new can of tomato sauce. The dad volunteered to go and tell costumer service. Alison was freaked out because of that spider. She had hated spiders when she was little too. When the three of them literally just sat down, their father bursted into the house shouting “I have the tomato sauce for the huge pizza!” The three of them were covering their ears because their dad was too loud for them. Then, the daddy went in the living room and saw the three of them covering their ears. “Sorry” said the dad. Now then , lets get going! And then the four of them bursted into the kitchen getting ready. The mom would be spreading half of the huge huge pizza tomato sauce, and the other half brother would spread. Alison would sprinkle half the pizza cheese and the other half Alison’s dad would sprinkle. They made the pizza extra cheesy. Alison said that there should be half pepperoni and half cheese. So that was what they did. After about a hour, they finished and put the huge huge pizza in the oven. When the pizza smell started coming from the kitchen, the mom took the huge huge pizza out from the oven. It smelled wonderful and especially looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dad went to get the hat with all the names in it and pulled a name out of the hat. The name was Alyssa, and she was Alison’s best friend! Alison was really happy for her best friend. The pizza would be two dollars and ten cents. Alyssa’s family thought it was very cheap and actually wanted it. Their mom was pretty tired from cooking and working but she probably will not have to cook because the huge pizza well feed them up for about a year. That was how big it was. Until, the family finished the pizza at the end of the year.

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