The fake island

The fake island
One sunny afternoon, a girl named Rachel went to get the mail out of her family’s mailbox. She read through them. Then she found an envelop that had stickers with sunshines on them. Curious and excited she opened the envelope and excitedly read it. It said that they were invited to a relaxing island for free! Rachel then quickly ran home and let her parents read the note.They were excited too. They said the plane was tomorrow and said we should start packing now, Rachel said okay. So later, they were done packing. They had to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow. They were actually pretty tired. So they went to bed. The next day, they woke up bright and early. A taxi came and picked them up for the trip. Once they got to the airport, they went to the lounge. They ate a lot of food because they didn’t have breakfast that morning. After a while, they boarded the plane. Once they got comfy, they took a little nap. They woke up an half hour later. Then they had lunch. By the time they finished the lunch, they got to the relaxing island. Another taxi picked them up and drove them to the hotel.
The hotel lobby and rooms were beautiful. It smelled gorgeous. They then unpacked and went for a little swim at the beach. Rachel and her sister played in the sand for a little while and went for a swim for a little while too. Their mom and dad both rested on the sand. Then they went for a little walk along the beach. After the walk, they discovered that the sand and water were fake! They were curious of what was happening on the mysterious island. Also, they got hungry and walked to a restaurant. They then discovered that the food were fake and the  water! The family was getting really scared of the fake stuff on the island. Rachel wanted to make a list of the mysterious stuff going on the weird island. Once she was done with the list, she gasped! They were being watched everywhere and every move they did! Rachel’s dad came from the bed and then asked what’s wrong? She said we are being watched! Oh no! said her dad. What should we do? Maybe call the police? No! said Rachel. The people here are not real either so we have no food, no airplane, no water, so what should we do? Wait! I have an idea, we can build our own airplane and see who is watching us! That is a great idea! said her mother. Then lets do it. Let’s see if we can find anything more strange. So they went out. Let’s split in two’s. okay. How about mom with Rachel and me with daddy? Said Rachel’s sister? Sure! But first we should prepare stuff that is useful and good for fighting. Once they were done preparing their useful stuff, they started for the search. After about ten minutes, Rachel and her mother found something very strange. A crap had a camera on its head. It was taking pictures of them. They looked up and saw a ladder. Once again, they were curious. They climbed up the ladder and found themselves in a big room. It also had pictures of them. Every move and every thing they did. “ come on out !” shouted Rachel. A huge man came out of the dark. Prepare your weapons, whispered Rachel’s mom. I am the person that gave you the letter and made you go to this fake island. All the real people have been all tied up. He said proud of himself. Well what do you want from us? Asked Rachel’s mom angrily. What I want is all the money you have and tie you guys all up. “that is not going to happen!” said Rachel frustrated. Well you will not get away from this! A huge army of ghosts, monsters, man’s with big muscles, and all of them had armer on them, machine guns, regular guns, bullut’s, knives, swords, shield’s,and ropes. Down on the fake island the dad and Rachel’s sister had found the ladder and had to climb one more. When they got up, they were shocked!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! shouted Rachel’s mom! We need to get our weapons out! They all got a weapon out which was stinky socks, bear spray, a garbage bag, and lots and lots of rope so they could too tie the bad guys. Then they each combined the weapons except for the rope. Then as if a fairy came, the bad guys all disappeared with hurt bodies. Rachel’s family stood there speechless! After about twenty minutes, Rachel stood up and said will I think all of the real stuff are back. Even the real humans! They all did a happy dance and went back to the beach for a nice and relaxing rest. Then they had to pack and go back home. When they got home, they all started unpacking again. And Rachel took the mail and saw a envelope with stars on them and she ran into the house and showed her parents.

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