The Cupcake Disaster

The cupcake disasters

One sunny summer afternoon, a girl named Emma went for a walk along the street. It was a really really really quiet place since a lot of Emma’s friends had gone to a vacation. Then she heard a rumble! In the distance, she could see a machine and lots of people were lining up in front of the machine. Emma was quite curious of the machine so she walked a bit faster. She got to the machine in a jiffy and saw that there was cupcakes coming out with a tray! One cupcake was only 50 cents so she went in the line. When it was her turn to buy a cupcake, she chose the flavor strawberry. Luckily, she had brought money. Emma was eating the cupcake when CRASH!!!!!!!!!!! A boy that was a bit older then Emma crashed into her and started laughing like crazy! Emma said “ that is not funny!” then
walked home. Emma was really tired so she decided to go to bed early.
The next day was Saturday so again she went for a walk to the cupcake machine again. This time, when she got to the machine, she saw that everyone was running all over the place! Emma heard most of the people scream Snake! Snake! There is probably a snake inside the machine. Thought Emma. Emma loved snakes, so she walked around the machine to find a door to go inside the cupcake machine.A Slithering snake was slithering around her feet! With excitement, Emma opened the door and found another snake eating cupcakes! Emma carefully grabbed the snakes and threw them in a dumpster. Emma explored the cupcake machine, and then a bit of frosting fell onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!!! She did not see the frosting on the ground and accidentally slipped and fell in a cupcake making place! Emma was being made into a strawberry flavored cupcake that was 6 feet tall! She popped out of the machine and everyone outside gasped! Dig in! said Emma. The people who were eating the huge cupcake asked what is in the machine? Emma said lots of mixing and frosting are in there. That afternoon when Emma walked home she was the scent of cupcakes and the strawberry frosting! When Emma got home, her mother asked what happened? Emma said I was made into a cupcake. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said her mom. Emma then said she wanted to go to bed, so she did.
The next day was Sunday and then Emma said she wanted another walk on her neighborhood and she was out of her house when she heard a rumble in the distance. There was going to be another disaster.

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