Why I Like Smile’s the book

Why I like Smile the book

My first reason why I like Smile the book is because it has a lot of sad parts, happy parts, and painful parts. One of the painful parts is when a girl in the book named Raina fell and lost two grown up teeth. She was really in pain. My second reason is that there is a beginning, middle, and end. The difference is a big one. The beginning is when she fell and had a bloody tooth accident. The middle was when she had a major earthquake, and also had some friend issues, and had to go to fix her gums because they were damaged. My third reason why I like Smiles the book is because it is not like a very short book and also you would think it would be a very long book. My fourth reason is that if someone else was reading it to you, and also was not showing you the pictures, then you could picture the real pictures in the book because it has very ,very good describing words on the pictures. My fifth reason why I like smiles the book is because it is a good bedtime story, read aloud story, read to someone story, and also a good read to self story. My last reason why I like smiles the book is because that you cannot find any other story’s in the store just like this funny, painful(for the character’s in the story) and also happy story. I hope I convinced you to buy this book.

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