Why I Like Charm club the book

Why I like Charm club the book

This story was about a girl who had moved from her home, school, and also friends. She was really sad and then her best friends all gave her a bracelet. One day , when the girl was in her room, she was sad and mad that her family had moved to a different place. She opened her jewelry box and then pinched the angel bracelet. Suddenly, she heard Watch it !coming from the angel bracelet. The angel bracelet then turned to a angel. The angel helped fixed the girl’s friendship issues and then at the end of the book, they were both happy at last.

My favorite part was when the girl in the book was in her bedroom. Then her bracelet her friends gave her came alive ! It was a friendship angle name Zadie.
Zadie helped people with friendship problem and then at last Zadie left a note in the girl’s pocket. It said always have dessert first. Zadie had left the girl. She was done with the friendship issue and learned to stand up for herself.

When I was reading this book, I was wondering what would happen next in the story. It was an exciting story and hard to put down. Also, it was an amazing, fabulous and also fantastic story. Now, I already read it five times and still read it more and is still very very exciting. I hope you enjoy reading Charm club the book as much as I do.

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