What my Imaginary tea party would be like

What my imaginary tea party would be like

First of all, my tea party would have tea of course, with fancy cups and cup plates. The snacks would be home made and also very good. My snacks would be ice cream, milkshakes, candy(all kinds of candy) cotton candy,cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and cream with all kinds of flavors and colors, scones with chocolate and berry’s, chocolate, hot chocolate,marshmallows, potato chips and other kinds of chips, gum, nuts, yogurt, pink cupcakes, cakes, and also fruit. I would want my tea party to be at a beach, a summer day outside, in the clouds, at the white house, and maybe in outer space if I was wearing a astronaut suit. When my friends that I have invited, are here, we will start by having a water balloon fight and then go to taco times and we will all have 10 different drinks. My tea party will have a amazing background and also all kinds of dogs will be at the tea party. Once we are done with the water fight, we will dry off and were our beautiful dresses that we have brought to the tea party. Once we are done changing, we will go to taco times and and have a taco and ten different drinks. After the meal, we will go back home and start our tea party. First, we will eat the fruit, and then the nuts, and then the cookies, and then cotton candy, and all of the rest of the tea parties food and drinks. We will all use very fancy napkins to wipe our mouths that we have got all dirty. We will start drawing our favorite food in the tea party. That is what my imaginary tea party would be like.