The Legend Of The Gummy Bears

The Legend of The Gummy Bears


It all started when a young little girl named Daisy went for a walk with her dog. She was a normal everyday girl anyone could be.  One day, she came back home and almost tripped over a package when a boy came out of no where and reached out for her arm. Thankfully, he caught her.

Thank You” she said. The boy didn’t say a thing but just turned his back and walked away.

“Will that is rude!” Daisy thought in her mind. Though, she was curious of what was in the package. She quickly opened it and saw that a note was in it too.  It was dusty and old.

“The legend of the gummy bears” it said.

“Oh! What a joke!” she said and laughed.

This was what it said:

Who ever is reading this will get scared so be careful. These gummy bears have a legend behind them. It is that if you eat one, you will have magical powers. They are that every single thing you touch, will turn into gummy bears but in the shape. Now, if you dare, eat the gummy bears at your own risk.

Be extra careful because everything will turn into gummy bears


“I’m just going to eat them “ Daisy said. She opened the pack of gummy bears and popped one in her mouth as quick as a jiffy.

“These are awesome” she thought. Daisy ate more and more until the rest were gone. She did not believe the legend but little did she know that it was real. First, she opened the door when it suddenly felt squishy between her fingers. She looked down it had changed colors to a pink and blue color. Daisy licked it. Tasted like gummy bears. Smelled like gummy bears. And looked like a gummy bear. There was no doubt now, the legend was real.

Daisy panicked. She called her doctor and then picked up her  phone and searched, the legend of the gummy bears.

It said, “Legend has it that the gummy bears will give you magical powers —

“So it is true!” explained Daisy. One minute later, her doctor called.

“No need for that,” Daisy said and hung up the line. She went back to reading the legend. At the bottom, she read “The Cure” it said:

If you have ate the gummy bears, you will need this cure: A strand of Unicorn hair

“Unicorn hair?” Daisy asked herself in frustration. Her phone was turning different colors now. It was turning into a gummy bear. Daisy quickly threw it down and left it on the floor. She kept thinking of where to find unicorn hair and then at last, she thought of an idea. She would go to a meadow that was named fairy’s meadow. Everyone believed it had magical creatures living in the meadow. Tomorrow, she would begin her journey to find the cure. She dared not touch herself because of risk of becoming a gummy bear herself.

The next morning, Daisy woke up bright and early, ate breakfast, took a shower, brushed her teeth, and changed into explorer clothes. The walk was only a good 10 minutes so Daisy rode her bike there. She had also brought a Ziploc bag and a pair of gloves. Daisy looked at the time. It was 7:30. When she got there, she put on her gloves, put her bike leaning on a wall, and then felt squishy stuff between her fingers. It was frustrating and annoying-Her gloves had turned into a gummy bear and so had her bike.

Daisy began her lookout of a strand of unicorn hair after she had gotten over her anger. She walked along to trail and then saw a good place to leave the trail. Once she had left the trail and had started walking, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It had blond hair that glistened in the sun. It also had a furry white body with a tail. It was a unicorn. Daisy was fascinated. It was beautiful like a princess.

“Here I come unicorn” Daisy yelled and ran towards it. Then, when Daisy looked up again, the unicorn was gone! Daisy crossed her fingers and looked toward the ground. There it was. A lock of blond hair. This was the cure. Daisy reached down toward it and curled her fingers around it. Her super power was gone. She never got the gummy bears again until there was another package on her porch. She opened it and there were donuts. There was also a dusty letter with it.


The end




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