Angelica and Abby the elves

Angelica And Abby The Elves


Once upon a time, there lived a family of 50 elves. Now, out of the fifty elves, there were only two children. Those two children were treated horribly by their parents. They had to do all of the work in their family’s hideout tunnel. They were only six years old! The twins were named Angelica and Abby. They wore shaggy dresses that were ripped and torn. Their hair were left uncleaned and piled with all kinds of bugs and dirt.


It came to this day that little did the sisters know that miracles would happen through their lives. Soon enough.


“Hurry up you little pests!” shrieked the twins mother. She was going out to the jewelry shop and was putting on a dress. The twins were forced to help her tie the laces in the back.


Angelica and Abby were giving very little to eat, just a piece of bread everyday. If they didn’t finish chores, no meals were given.


When their mother and other members of the family left, the twins were starving. They had sometimes managed to get an extra piece of bread while their family had gone. Today was one of those days.


The next sunny day, the twins had gone outside of their family’s hideout tunnel to weed the garden. They knew nothing about a witch spying on them. When they were done, their necks were sunburned. They were as red as tomatoes! The twins then walked home gloomily.



“What was that?” asked Abby.

“I don’t know!” cried Abby. But they did not know the wicked witch was following them. The twins ignored the clicking sound and kept walking. They got back to their hideout tunnel swiftly with fear.

Angelica and Abby opened the door, when…..

“BAM!” a bomb exploded in their hideout tunnel. The twins ducked down.

When the twins looked, it was so quiet you could hear a water drop. Everybody in their family had been turned into stone.


“What happened?” Abby wondered aloud.

“They got turned into stone!” said a raspy cruel voice. The twins jumped, behind them was a real, live, witch.

“Who are you?” asked the twins curiously.

“The stone witch” the stone witch replied proudly. At that moment, a swirl of magic mist appeared and inside was a wizard.

“How do you do?” asked the wizard to the stone witch.

“Whoosh” the witch sent a blast of who knows what. The wizard narrowly dodgd it. Angelica and Abby didn’t dare move a muscle. They were terrified.

The wizard shot ice at the witch and turned her into an ice statue.


“Here” the wizard gave a wand to each of the twins.


“Help me fight her.”

“Okay” the twins answered in unison. They grabbed the wands and held on with a tough grip.


The witch was unfrozen, and the fight began. Angelica shot a blast of fire and water together.

“Let’s shoot our most powerful all together!” the wizard yelled to the twins.

“On the count of three, one, two, three!” the twins and the wizard shot the powers. The witch was starting to break down. Piece by piece, the witch broke down until there was nothing but her witch clothes. She had died.


The twins and the wizard stood there for a few moments.

“That was awesome!” the twins explained in excitement, they turned to look at the wizard but no one was there. Just a piece of paper. Abby picked it up and read it out loud, it said:

Dear Angelica and Abby,

Those two wands are for you guys. If your family keeps treating you horribly, tap the wand three wands and a curse will be with them.


Sincerely, your wizard.

There was a long silence.

“Well, I suppose we should turn our family back to normal” Abby said.

“True” Angelica said. And with a wave of their two wand, their family had turned back to their normal shape. They had seen everything. Angelica and Abby’s mother and father stepped up and said:

“Angelica and Abby, we are really sorry about how we treated you before” they said.

“It’s okay” the twins said. They were all happy at last and neither the wizard nor the witch were ever seen again. The twins and their family lived happily ever after.



The end


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