What I would do if I had a million dollars



The first thing that I would do is will, obviously think of what I would want, then, after I would write it on a piece of paper. My piece of paper or list of dream stuff would have these things. There are lots and lots of things:

Every kind of gum, sour patch, lots and lots of sparkly nail polish, Swedish fish, all of my favorite kinds of food, every single ice cream flavor besides the ones that I don’t like, lots of cake, a tub of instant noodle soup (Also known as cup o noodles), a lifetime support of potato chips, different colors of pretty lip gloss, all the dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, and all clothing, a huge cookie, nerds, cheese puffs, Doritos, gummy worms, gummy bears, a very big lollipop, my own swimming pool and a hot tub that are in my backyard, makeup, my favorite sodas, pink lemonade, the most delicious and splendid cupcakes, my own beach, squishies, all of the things and toys that I would want, a privite jet, and finally a hamster and a dog. What do you think? Was that a long list? Some of those things may have been worth a million dollars not all of them together so maybe I over exaggerated just a tiny bit. Let’s just say some of those would be my never come true dreams. I’ll just dream on! So should you! How long would your list be if you had a million dollars?

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