The Edible Universe

There once lived a girl named Mimi. Nothing in her life had ever been the opposite of ordinary.

It was late afternoon and Mimi was tired, but then right when Mimi was about to slam herself onto her bed, there was a huge boom. The next thing she knew, she was transferred to a different universe.

Mimi woke up with a curious and frightened feeling. Curiousity taking over Mimi’s body, she got up and walked as slowly as a turtle with a injured leg. Everything looked exactly the same including her house so Mimi made up her mind of the boom being her imagination and started running faster than a cheetah to her door into her house. Though, she was feeling a little frightened, she loved adventures. Right when Mimi got to the door, there was a note that was taped on it. This was what it said:

Whoever is reading this might not believe this but anyways,¬† this universe is magical. By magical I mean edible. Everything is edible. If you don’t believe me. eat a pillow, a clock, or chair, they will not be stuffed with stuffing, believe me! and the clock and chair are not wood. They are edible. Give it a try!

Mimi stopped for a moment and thought letting all the imformation¬† process into her brain. Her heart started beating faster. Than, she put her hand on the door nob. She stopped for a second. Her stomach had kangaroos jumping around like a mad scientist getting even madder until he exploded. Though, Mimi knew there was no such thing as a “edible universe” she thought:

“Maybe what the note says is true” But she ignored the thought and opened the door. She wasn’t taking any chances missing out on a incredible adventure though, so she got a pillow and put it close to her mouth. Very slowly, she inched it closer and closer until one of the corners was fully in her mouth. She held it in her mouth for a second, and then she bit it.

The pillow tasted like heaven. The note was correct! The pillow was edible. Now she took a chair, and a clock and bit a teeny tiny bite and those were even more delicous than the pillow. After a couple of hours of expeirementing, she was tired, and she wanted to go back to her real universe. She got the note from outside and turned it over. There it was, a way to get back home.

“Score!” Mimi thought. The note said:

After you are done with this edible universe, you might be tired of it. The way to get back home is to clap three times and say: “Home! Home! Earthy green! bring me back to non-edible universe!”

That was all that was on the back of the note.  So Mimi clapped three times and said the words.

“BOOM!” there was another boom and Mimi was back to her own universe. The non edible one.

“Home sweet home” thought Mimi. But now, something the opposite of ordinary had happened and it was something that Mimi would never ever forget.




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