The Hidden Treasure

In a faraway village, there lived a poor mother and father who were going to have a baby twins. The clock ticked, and ticked, until it was time.

Out came two beautiful young baby twins who had big bright blue eyes.

It was the tenth year the babies existed in the world. Also it was their tenth birthday. They were more excited than ever! Their dad had died from a high fever and their mother was very weak, but she didn’t want to ruin the twins birthday party!

Ding Dong! the doorbell rang, the first guest was here. The twins ran to the door as quickly as they could. The guest was their grandpa! In his hand was a huge square wrapped in a happy birthday wrapping.

“Here you go girls” He handed the present over to them and then told them to come closer.

“Listen girls, discover the treasure and live a dream home.” Their grandpa whispered to them and then winked. He walked swiftly in to their house ready to greet his family members.

“The girls were sure that what their grandpa said was just a joke.” So their minds wandered off to the guests.

There were over twenty guests by the time it was time to open their presents. Each of them had a pile of their own that were overloaded. The twins ripped and unwrapped as many presents as they could in a handful of minutes.

The first present that one of them unwrapped was a sour patch gum. The other twins first present was a beautiful barbie doll. It took the twins about ten minutes to open the presents.

“Were done opening presents” the twins said to their guests.

“Not so fast” someone said in the crowd and he walked forward and handed them the large square wrapped up in the birthday party wrapping. It was their grandpa! The twins thought that they must have forgotten to to take it to their birthday present piles.

He handed the huge square present to them urging like. So the twins opened the present together and inside was something like heaven to their eyes. It was a beautiful picture of horses, trees, bushes, and nature kind of stuff.

“Thank you so much” the twins said in unison taken back by how their grandfather had gave them their birthday present. With that done, their grandfather said nothing but had a frown on his face that gave it away that he was either sad or mad. A few hours later, all the birthday party guests were gone and the twins were cleaning up their living room. They really did love their presents. So after, they went to their rooms to play with their toys.

But one of the twins grabbed the painting at the same time the other twin grabbed it so they pulled and pulled until…..

“BOOM!” the entire painting ripped and inside were a treasure map. The twins gasped loud enough for their mother to hear in their living room.

“What is the pro-” the twins mom mouth was wide open and she didn’t finish her sentence. She didn’t have to, it was too obvious.

“What is that?” explained the twin’s mom.

“We don’t know” the twins answered with a startled face. The twins shared a smile. If there was a treasure map, they would follow it until they got to the treasure.

“Um, we are going to go outside” one of the twins said.

“Okay” their mom answered as a reply. After their mom had left,  the twins grabbed the treasure map and hurried outside very excited. Once they got outside, the map said that they had to turn left, than right, go forward for five yards, and than their treasure would be right there. So that was what they did.

When they got to the x, they hurridly dug until they hit something hard. They took it out together. It was a gold chest. One of the twin opened the latch and than inside were jewels, coins, and any sparkly stuff you could ever dream of. The twins stared at it in awe and astonishment their eyes wide. First, they carried it back to their mother where she hesitated and her jaw dropped so low it almost touched the ground!

“Where did you get this?” their mother asked with excitement.

The twins looked at each other and shrugged. They were going to keep that a secret.

The next day, they went to sell the gold and came back with billions of dollars.

“What should we do with our money?” Their mother asked.

“Buy a dream house” the twins said at the same time. And that was what they did. Also following what their grandpa had said. The twins and their mother were never poor again.

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