The effects of the evil stew

In a far, faraway city, there lived a family of 3 people. A girl named Victoria,  a mom named Michelle, and a father named Nate.

One night, for dinner, Michelle was making stew. Nate suddenly ran in yelling: ” There’s an ant in the house! There’s  an ant in the house!” Michelle, who had been cooking, turned her head around with the slightest jerk. The stew, was boiling up on the fire, and Nate ran around the room when Victoria walked in and accidentally knocked Nate butt first into the stew.

“HOT!HOT!” Nate screamed jumping out of the pot.

Michelle just stood there. “Why do I smell barbeque?” she asked.

“Because of my boiling hot butt!” Nate screamed on top of his lungs. Michelle jumped into action. She grabbed the wrong pot (the one with the stew in it)

“Don’t- but it was too late, Michelle dumped the over cooked pot of stew on Nate’s butt.

“What did you do that for?! Nate shrieked! Michelle’s face turned bright tomato red. Victoria stood there stunned then she jumped into action. She ran across the kitchen to the stew and tried to stop right before she ran into the pile of stew but instead, she skidded to a stop and her whole body slammed face down into the stew. Victoria shot out of the stew and squeaked: “Hot” and fainted. Michelle skidded to her daughter but slipped and fell into the stew just like Victoria.

“Well good thing we didn’t die” Michelle whispered in the hospital room. It was a few hours later that the incident had happened.

“That stew sure is evil to have all of us in this hospital now” Victoria said. And they all agreed.

It was three days later and they were all back home. Michelle was cooking porridge when Nate walked in. Then Victoria walked in and asked: “Why do I smell barbeque?”

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