The legend of the (actual) Easter egg bunny

In a far, far away dimension, there lived a family. There was a  mom named Kate, a dad named Ethan, and a girl named Riley. Easter was just around the corner and there were decorations everywhere you looked in their neighborhood. Now, forever, Riley had hoped something special or at least something exciting would happen in her normal, old, boring neighborhood.

Easter day

“Wake up!” It was Easter day and Riley had gotten up extra early just in case something special or exciting would happen. She ran back to her room but then jerked to a sudden stop, something was on her bed. It looked like a cross between a sphere and a 3-d oval. Something wasn’t right. Riley had only been gone for like a minute and someone of something had gotten into the house, put something mysterious on her bed, and doing all of that without making peep! As curiousity took over her body, her legs walked slowly towards the mysterious “thing” Riley then saw something was taped on it. It read:

Dear Riley, we need your help to find the Easter egg bunny, he is missing.

Riley froze dead in the spot. She had heard about the Easter egg bunny in myths before but not in real life. Though, Riley was good at solving cases. Beside her, there was a sudden glimmer of sparkles which then, “poof!” turned into a little white bunny with a egg in it’s hand.


“Shhhhhhh” the bunny said.  Riley bit her lip trying really very hard not to scream.

“Who are you?” She whispered coming to her senses.

“I’m the Easter egg bunny”

“Wait, the note said you were missing though”

I know, I saw blurriness and then I popped up outside of this house” Somehow, Riley didn’t believe the bunny was telling the truth.  But she shrugged off the thought.

“So…. how are you gonna go back to your “earth”?

“I forgot the name of my land, though you can help me” The bunny said it in such a way it seemed like he had rehearsed the line.

“Is it called cotten candy land or bunny land?” Riley asked with a smirk. She wasn’t going to let her guard down, her instincts told her there was something wrong with this bunny.

A few hours later, the Easter bunny and Riley were on an adventure to find the bunny’s home.  When suddenly, out of nowhere, came a creature that looked like the cutest bunny.  The Easter bunny shrank away and trembled but Riley stood up straighter and had fallen in love with the bunny.

“Awwwwwww, aren’t you the cutest thing ever” Riley gushed.

” Hiyah!” the cute little bunny suddenly pulled out two ninjachucks that he swang all around clearly having no sense of what he was doing.

“Woah” Riley was taken back by the cute little bunny.

“You are under arrest” the bunny said to the Easter  bunny. Quick as a wink, the bunny grabbed a pair of handcuffs and clipped them around the Easter bunny. As the Easter bunny squirmed and struggled, Riley could see the Easter bunny had done something wrong because he wasn’t trying to defend his self.

With a sudden jerk of his paw, the Easter bunny was dragged away by the little bunny who somehow thought of himself as a police officer.  Riley turned her shoulders suspecting that was all there was to an exciting day. Boy, was she wrong.

When she got back home, something caught the corner of her eye, a weird “thing.” It was a brown piece of paper that said:

“Dear Riley, we need your help to find the leprechaun, he is missing.”

Riley went to her room, and there he was, the leprechaun sitting on her bed.



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