What my Imaginary tea party would be like

What my imaginary tea party would be like

First of all, my tea party would have tea of course, with fancy cups and cup plates. The snacks would be home made and also very good. My snacks would be ice cream, milkshakes, candy(all kinds of candy) cotton candy,cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and cream with all kinds of flavors and colors, scones with chocolate and berry’s, chocolate, hot chocolate,marshmallows, potato chips and other kinds of chips, gum, nuts, yogurt, pink cupcakes, cakes, and also fruit. I would want my tea party to be at a beach, a summer day outside, in the clouds, at the white house, and maybe in outer space if I was wearing a astronaut suit. When my friends that I have invited, are here, we will start by having a water balloon fight and then go to taco times and we will all have 10 different drinks. My tea party will have a amazing background and also all kinds of dogs will be at the tea party. Once we are done with the water fight, we will dry off and were our beautiful dresses that we have brought to the tea party. Once we are done changing, we will go to taco times and and have a taco and ten different drinks. After the meal, we will go back home and start our tea party. First, we will eat the fruit, and then the nuts, and then the cookies, and then cotton candy, and all of the rest of the tea parties food and drinks. We will all use very fancy napkins to wipe our mouths that we have got all dirty. We will start drawing our favorite food in the tea party. That is what my imaginary tea party would be like.

Why I Like Charm club the book

Why I like Charm club the book

This story was about a girl who had moved from her home, school, and also friends. She was really sad and then her best friends all gave her a bracelet. One day , when the girl was in her room, she was sad and mad that her family had moved to a different place. She opened her jewelry box and then pinched the angel bracelet. Suddenly, she heard Watch it !coming from the angel bracelet. The angel bracelet then turned to a angel. The angel helped fixed the girl’s friendship issues and then at the end of the book, they were both happy at last.

My favorite part was when the girl in the book was in her bedroom. Then her bracelet her friends gave her came alive ! It was a friendship angle name Zadie.
Zadie helped people with friendship problem and then at last Zadie left a note in the girl’s pocket. It said always have dessert first. Zadie had left the girl. She was done with the friendship issue and learned to stand up for herself.

When I was reading this book, I was wondering what would happen next in the story. It was an exciting story and hard to put down. Also, it was an amazing, fabulous and also fantastic story. Now, I already read it five times and still read it more and is still very very exciting. I hope you enjoy reading Charm club the book as much as I do.

Why I Like Smile’s the book

Why I like Smile the book

My first reason why I like Smile the book is because it has a lot of sad parts, happy parts, and painful parts. One of the painful parts is when a girl in the book named Raina fell and lost two grown up teeth. She was really in pain. My second reason is that there is a beginning, middle, and end. The difference is a big one. The beginning is when she fell and had a bloody tooth accident. The middle was when she had a major earthquake, and also had some friend issues, and had to go to fix her gums because they were damaged. My third reason why I like Smiles the book is because it is not like a very short book and also you would think it would be a very long book. My fourth reason is that if someone else was reading it to you, and also was not showing you the pictures, then you could picture the real pictures in the book because it has very ,very good describing words on the pictures. My fifth reason why I like smiles the book is because it is a good bedtime story, read aloud story, read to someone story, and also a good read to self story. My last reason why I like smiles the book is because that you cannot find any other story’s in the store just like this funny, painful(for the character’s in the story) and also happy story. I hope I convinced you to buy this book.

The Cupcake Disaster

The cupcake disasters

One sunny summer afternoon, a girl named Emma went for a walk along the street. It was a really really really quiet place since a lot of Emma’s friends had gone to a vacation. Then she heard a rumble! In the distance, she could see a machine and lots of people were lining up in front of the machine. Emma was quite curious of the machine so she walked a bit faster. She got to the machine in a jiffy and saw that there was cupcakes coming out with a tray! One cupcake was only 50 cents so she went in the line. When it was her turn to buy a cupcake, she chose the flavor strawberry. Luckily, she had brought money. Emma was eating the cupcake when CRASH!!!!!!!!!!! A boy that was a bit older then Emma crashed into her and started laughing like crazy! Emma said “ that is not funny!” then
walked home. Emma was really tired so she decided to go to bed early.
The next day was Saturday so again she went for a walk to the cupcake machine again. This time, when she got to the machine, she saw that everyone was running all over the place! Emma heard most of the people scream Snake! Snake! There is probably a snake inside the machine. Thought Emma. Emma loved snakes, so she walked around the machine to find a door to go inside the cupcake machine.A Slithering snake was slithering around her feet! With excitement, Emma opened the door and found another snake eating cupcakes! Emma carefully grabbed the snakes and threw them in a dumpster. Emma explored the cupcake machine, and then a bit of frosting fell onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!!! She did not see the frosting on the ground and accidentally slipped and fell in a cupcake making place! Emma was being made into a strawberry flavored cupcake that was 6 feet tall! She popped out of the machine and everyone outside gasped! Dig in! said Emma. The people who were eating the huge cupcake asked what is in the machine? Emma said lots of mixing and frosting are in there. That afternoon when Emma walked home she was the scent of cupcakes and the strawberry frosting! When Emma got home, her mother asked what happened? Emma said I was made into a cupcake. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said her mom. Emma then said she wanted to go to bed, so she did.
The next day was Sunday and then Emma said she wanted another walk on her neighborhood and she was out of her house when she heard a rumble in the distance. There was going to be another disaster.

Why my teacher is the best

Why my teacher is the best
My teacher miss Moore is the best because she is a very smart and a helpful person. She always helps students when they are struggling or forgetting what to do. She also encourages us soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that we always get a perfect score. Then, if we do something bad, she just says don’t do that and does not yell or say anything mean. Another thing why she is the best is because she is very hard working at doing her work as a teacher. She focuses hard and finishes everything and every single detail in just 6 hours and forty minutes! Also, she always lets everyone have a turn at every single thing! Miss Moore is a perfect teacher as you can see. You will have a welcoming hug on your first day with her and will feel like a new magical adventure coming toward you ! Miss Moore will let you do lots and lots of fun stuff in her class! She will be extra happy when you help her with something. The third thing why I think she is the best is because she lets the students earn exciting and fun stuff! You could earn a read in, popsicles with the principle, game day, extra recess, and mostly everything you would want! My fourth thing why I think she is the best is because she will be a funny teacher! How she will act funny is by telling lots of jokes and having a really really funny attitude!Miss Moore is a lovely, young, beautiful and funny teacher as you can see. I hope you will have this lovely teacher for second grade!

The fake island

The fake island
One sunny afternoon, a girl named Rachel went to get the mail out of her family’s mailbox. She read through them. Then she found an envelop that had stickers with sunshines on them. Curious and excited she opened the envelope and excitedly read it. It said that they were invited to a relaxing island for free! Rachel then quickly ran home and let her parents read the note.They were excited too. They said the plane was tomorrow and said we should start packing now, Rachel said okay. So later, they were done packing. They had to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow. They were actually pretty tired. So they went to bed. The next day, they woke up bright and early. A taxi came and picked them up for the trip. Once they got to the airport, they went to the lounge. They ate a lot of food because they didn’t have breakfast that morning. After a while, they boarded the plane. Once they got comfy, they took a little nap. They woke up an half hour later. Then they had lunch. By the time they finished the lunch, they got to the relaxing island. Another taxi picked them up and drove them to the hotel.
The hotel lobby and rooms were beautiful. It smelled gorgeous. They then unpacked and went for a little swim at the beach. Rachel and her sister played in the sand for a little while and went for a swim for a little while too. Their mom and dad both rested on the sand. Then they went for a little walk along the beach. After the walk, they discovered that the sand and water were fake! They were curious of what was happening on the mysterious island. Also, they got hungry and walked to a restaurant. They then discovered that the food were fake and the  water! The family was getting really scared of the fake stuff on the island. Rachel wanted to make a list of the mysterious stuff going on the weird island. Once she was done with the list, she gasped! They were being watched everywhere and every move they did! Rachel’s dad came from the bed and then asked what’s wrong? She said we are being watched! Oh no! said her dad. What should we do? Maybe call the police? No! said Rachel. The people here are not real either so we have no food, no airplane, no water, so what should we do? Wait! I have an idea, we can build our own airplane and see who is watching us! That is a great idea! said her mother. Then lets do it. Let’s see if we can find anything more strange. So they went out. Let’s split in two’s. okay. How about mom with Rachel and me with daddy? Said Rachel’s sister? Sure! But first we should prepare stuff that is useful and good for fighting. Once they were done preparing their useful stuff, they started for the search. After about ten minutes, Rachel and her mother found something very strange. A crap had a camera on its head. It was taking pictures of them. They looked up and saw a ladder. Once again, they were curious. They climbed up the ladder and found themselves in a big room. It also had pictures of them. Every move and every thing they did. “ come on out !” shouted Rachel. A huge man came out of the dark. Prepare your weapons, whispered Rachel’s mom. I am the person that gave you the letter and made you go to this fake island. All the real people have been all tied up. He said proud of himself. Well what do you want from us? Asked Rachel’s mom angrily. What I want is all the money you have and tie you guys all up. “that is not going to happen!” said Rachel frustrated. Well you will not get away from this! A huge army of ghosts, monsters, man’s with big muscles, and all of them had armer on them, machine guns, regular guns, bullut’s, knives, swords, shield’s,and ropes. Down on the fake island the dad and Rachel’s sister had found the ladder and had to climb one more. When they got up, they were shocked!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! shouted Rachel’s mom! We need to get our weapons out! They all got a weapon out which was stinky socks, bear spray, a garbage bag, and lots and lots of rope so they could too tie the bad guys. Then they each combined the weapons except for the rope. Then as if a fairy came, the bad guys all disappeared with hurt bodies. Rachel’s family stood there speechless! After about twenty minutes, Rachel stood up and said will I think all of the real stuff are back. Even the real humans! They all did a happy dance and went back to the beach for a nice and relaxing rest. Then they had to pack and go back home. When they got home, they all started unpacking again. And Rachel took the mail and saw a envelope with stars on them and she ran into the house and showed her parents.

Why a kid should have a cell phone

Why a kid should have a cell phone

I think every kid in the world should have a cell phone because if there is trouble going on, your kid could call the police or their moms and dads. My second reason is that if you changed a schedule after school and you can’t pick your child up, then you could call them and then tell them to walk home. My third reason is that if you are waiting for something and your kids are with you, they can play on their phones while they wait. For example you could be waiting for an eye doctor to call you, a normal doctor to call you, or waiting for a dentist to call you for a check up! My fourth reason is that if your phones have too much pictures you took, your kid could take the pictures you wanted to take and then your kid could send it to you. My fifth reason is that they can email or text their friends on their phone without talking in face! For example, your kid could be texting or emailing their friends and talking about sleepovers, playdates, parks, moving, brothers, sisters, food, clothing, family, activities, and lots more stuff! My sixth reason is that your kid could buy things on their own phones! For example, your kid could have been buying stuffed animals, dolls, games, sleeping bags, pillows, animals, and lots more stuff your kids or kid might have been buying! I hope that I convinced you that your kids or kid should have a cell phone.

Why my mom deserves to be a queen for a day

One reason is that she cooks the healthiest, yummiest , and the most delicious meals in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!! My second reason why I think my mom should deserve being a queen for a day is because she works really hard to take care of me and my brother. For example, she helps take care of us by making sure her family stays healthy, tells us what we should work on on our activities, and lots more ways! My third reason why I think my mom deserves to be treated like a queen a day is because she always makes me smile. For example, one time that she made me smile was when my ankle was in pain when I did my physical therapy. She always has a joke in her head that makes me smile. My fourth reason why I think my mom deserves to be treated like a queen for a day is because she is always very caring when I feel hurt or sick. She always takes me to a place that makes me feel better all the time. My fifth reason why I think my mom deserves to be a queen for a day is because she encourages me to be a happy girl and also when I get frustrated at something. My sixth reason is that she is really generous. She takes me every where I want to go. For example, Claire’s to get my ears pierced, to the the park to play, take me on walks, to Michael’s to get a beanie boo, and lots lots more fun and amazing places! My seventh reason why I think my mom deserves being the queen for a day is because she thinks more about her kids then herself. I hope I convinced you that my mom deserves to be a Queen for a day.

The huge pizza

The huge PIZZA

One day, it was the weekend. A mom named Sara, her daughter Alison and Alison’s brother went for a walk. Their dad was at work and so the three of them were taking a walk. They were going to make pizza for dinner and have a milkshake after. They were so excited!!!!!!! After the walk, they went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the pizza,and ice cream to make their milkshakes after dinner. After that, they washed their hands and started making the pizza. They made their own pizzas and finished in half an hour. Then, they had to put the pizza in the oven. They waited, and waited,and waited! The pizza was finally done, so they took the hot pizzas out of the oven. After five minutes, their dad got home. He had a idea of making the biggest pizza in the world and sell the pizza. First they took a seat and started thinking who to give the pizza to. Alison thought that they could put all the friends names on a sticky note and put them in a hat, and tomorrow they would pull out a name. The rest of the family thought it was a great idea! Alison and her brother went to get sticky notes to write the names on. Once they were done, their dad was done making his pizza. So they started eating their pizza. They would make the huge pizza early in the morning tomorrow at 7:00. After their yummy dinner of pizza, they had the best dessert ever. Whole cup of a MILK SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was already 10:30. Way past Alison’s and her brothers bedtime. So they went to bed.
The next day, the kids and the adults woke up bright and early. They could not wait to make the huge pizza. They had to go to a grocery store and buy more ingredients for the pizza. They drove to the store quickly, and gathered up the ingredients so that they could make the pizza faster. When they got back to their house, they put all the ingredients on the kitchen counter. They got ready to make the pizza when all of a sudden, Alison shouted “ kill that spider!” and indeed there was a spider on the tomato sauce can. The mom ran into the bathroom and came back in ten seconds. Someone had to go to the grocery store and tell costumer service and buy a new can of tomato sauce. The dad volunteered to go and tell costumer service. Alison was freaked out because of that spider. She had hated spiders when she was little too. When the three of them literally just sat down, their father bursted into the house shouting “I have the tomato sauce for the huge pizza!” The three of them were covering their ears because their dad was too loud for them. Then, the daddy went in the living room and saw the three of them covering their ears. “Sorry” said the dad. Now then , lets get going! And then the four of them bursted into the kitchen getting ready. The mom would be spreading half of the huge huge pizza tomato sauce, and the other half brother would spread. Alison would sprinkle half the pizza cheese and the other half Alison’s dad would sprinkle. They made the pizza extra cheesy. Alison said that there should be half pepperoni and half cheese. So that was what they did. After about a hour, they finished and put the huge huge pizza in the oven. When the pizza smell started coming from the kitchen, the mom took the huge huge pizza out from the oven. It smelled wonderful and especially looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dad went to get the hat with all the names in it and pulled a name out of the hat. The name was Alyssa, and she was Alison’s best friend! Alison was really happy for her best friend. The pizza would be two dollars and ten cents. Alyssa’s family thought it was very cheap and actually wanted it. Their mom was pretty tired from cooking and working but she probably will not have to cook because the huge pizza well feed them up for about a year. That was how big it was. Until, the family finished the pizza at the end of the year.

My ballet experiment


Have you been bored all your life? Have you wanted to try ballet? Ballet is fun whether you make a mistake or not. Either way, you will feel like a really true Ballerina. So get out there and dance, dance, dance ! You will learn about what you need for Ballet, moves, rules, positions, different dances, and what you need to put your hair up in.

Table of contents
1. Stuff you need for Ballet
2. Moves
3. Rules
4. Positions
5. Different dances
6. Hair

Chapter 1
Stuff You Need for Ballet
In ballet you will need to wear a leotard, which can be any color, it depends on your level. The colors could be blue, red, pink, light purple, dark purple, green and black ! That is a lot of colors. Also you will need pink tights that are the right size for you. The last thing that you would need for Ballet is your ballet shoes. The ones with flat points are for bigger girls because they have practiced and that they have more strength in their toes. The ones with no flat’s on the end are for smaller kids because they may  just started dance and did not have as much strength on their toes.

Chapter 2
In Ballet you will learn a lot of moves. For example, Tondu, spring point, and glissade, There are a lot of harder moves when you get to a very high level. You will have to practice and practice and practice. But most of all you have to work hard. A Tondu is when you point your toe and stick it out front, side or back. A spring point is just like a tondo but you jump to switch legs. Lastly, a glissade is when you glide side to side, you start in fifth position and land in fifth position.

Chapter 3
At Ballet, they have rules, like no leaning on bar, be safe, don’t laugh at your classmates and lastly have fun. The most important rule is having fun. You are not there to not have fun, you are there to have the most fun of all. In ballet, you have to work really hard. Especially when you try to learn a new move. Some rules can be hard to follow but most of the rules are very very easy to follow. When you accidentally forget the rules and break one of them, you will not get in trouble.

Chapter 4
There will be some positions in ballet. For examples, first position, second position, third position, forth position and fifth position. First position is when you put both of your heels together and the toes face out. First position is the basic position in ballet. Second position is when you go from first position and make the heels not touching each other. Third position is when you just move one foot and put it in the middle of the other foot. Forth position is the hardest position even though it is the second last position of ballet. What you do in forth position is you put the other foot in the back but straight to the other side. Fifth position is just like third position but one foot goes to the edge of the other foot.

Chapter 5
Different Dances
There can be more dances then just ballet. For example, you could try Jazz, contemporary, hip hop and other dances too. If you want to try jazz, you will need a lot of energy to dance. In contemporary, it is super slow but sometimes the dance may get faster once you try contemporary. When you try hip hop, it is just like Jazz except that you will need more and more energy to dance hip hop. There is lots more dances then just those three.

Chapter 6
When you have ballet lessons, you will have to tie your hair up. For example, you will have to put your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Why you have to tie your hair up is because when you dance, your hair might get in your face and distract you from the dance you are doing. I hope you try ballet and learned a lot from this book.